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Join Greenpink Family

Work with us

At the moment no specific positions are requested.

Although our vacancies are already filled for the moment, your CV is welcome. Send it to our Data Base and suggest how you could cooperate with us to the Project Buy the world you believe in, highlighting your peculiar abilities and ideas.

Send us your cv including your potential role in Greenpink’s project at info [@]

Sell on Greenpink

Whatever your product is, if you like Greenpink’s project you can apply as our suppplier.

Write an email with your data so we can contact you and a brief presentation of your company and/or of your products at this address: info [@]

Nominate your association

If you want to obtain the univocal code for your association and join the family Buy the world you believe in, send an email to info [@] including the contact info to which we can contact you, and a brief presentation of your Association including: 

- purposes

- reference geographical area

- number of partners

- number of participants

- statute

- supervisory bodies (with names and their CV)

Special Campaings

Besides pursuing its own purposes, Greenpink at times may adhere to particular applications or special campaigns.

Special campaigns are those beyond the principle Buy the world you believe in and the participating associations, and may be structured in a whole new way without following any kind of determined rule or scheme.

These proposals are examined by Greenpink’s Project offices finishing at our manager’s desk, when valuable. If you have a good idea for a special campaign and you would like to realize it with Greenpink, invest some of your time and send us your most detailed material. Include feasibility plans, projections and whatever else you can offer.

One generic line of good ideas has no chance of being taken into account. Only feasible, realistic, well-structured and rational plans will.

Become a Greenpink Consul in your Country

If you live in any other Country of the world other than Italy and you identify with the values of Greenpink – Buy the world you believe in you can become a Greenpink Consul.

A Greenpink Consul does not have to make a full-time commitment, but must have specific characteristics in terms of will and possibilities that will contribute to the first step of Greenpink’s Project- Buy the world you believe in in your Country.

According to your country’s economic and logistic situation and to your personal characteristics, you can use the basic structure of Greenpink’s Project for specific projects that will be organized together with our staff and may become, step by step, the foundation to fully start the Project Greenpink – Buy the world you believe in also in your Country.

Becoming a Greenpink Consul is a serious commitment. Although it is not a full-time activity, we ask you to reflect carefully before submitting your application, in order not to waste yours and our time.

To be a Greenpink Consul essential characteristics are:

- to have a source of income independent from Greenpink

- to have spare time and to be willing to spend it in Greenpink projects in your country

- to speak fluently at least English other than your own mother tongue

- to have the ability and the possibility of involving a small group of people who can help you if necessary

- to have knowledge of your country’s business world if possible

- to have a thorough knowledge of your country’s associations If you think you have these basic characteristics and that your dream is to bring Greenpink’s new economic and social model to your country, then don’t hesitate and contact as at info [@], including all of your contacts and attaching a curriculum and a presentation of yourself and of how you would perform the task of a Greenpink Consul.

Become a Greenpink Ambassador in your Country

Becoming a Greenpink Ambassador in your country is an entrepreneurial choice that requires your real and concrete commitment.

Greenpink studied, within its own economic model, some basic development patterns to internationalize the project and the ambassador is one of Greenpink’s partners or Greenpink’s sole member in your Country.

If you are an entrepreneur or you are willing to become one in the spirti of Greenpink, we need to pursue together a mutual knowledge and in-depth process. Once some of the basic points are arranged and made clear, the staff of Greenpink together with the internationalization consultants and, if necessary, with international credit institutions and/or of your country, will construct a real development and investment plan of which you will be the national manager.

In the spirit of the Project Greenpink – buy the world you believe in an approved Ambassador will always receive full co-operation and clarity, but remember that to be a Greenpink ambassador you must be or want to become an entrepreneur, hence be able to. If you are not able to support yourself for at least 24 months and you do not have any money to invest, give up this task. But, if you are sure you want to do it and you do not have the means, start applying for Consul by writing at info [@]

If anyone believes that through work, time and talent anything is possible, this is Greenpink.