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Buy the world you believe in

Find out how to finance your association through the new economic model of

Buy the world you believe in!

Write to info [@] or call number +

Buy the world you believe in

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” (John Keating).  

Greenpink is an online store selling sustainable, natural and green products, which originates from a very simple idea: buy the world you believe in. We believe in a green world whose environmental, economic and social sustainability, is a fact, not a dream, a world in which gender equality is a common value shared by everyone, a world in which environmental protection is every economic player’s first concern.

Greenpink began first and foremost as a Cultural Association and, for this very reason, it pays significant attention to its membership’s world. We are well aware how difficult raising funds is for all those economic realities operating within an environment of social and cultural advancement.

A practical way of obtaining credit

We decided to make available a practical and simple tool for raising funds to all those associations and projects who share Greenpink’s values and objectives, for we are aware that passion itself may not be enough.

If your association reflects the values and the world we believe in you can affiliate to our online store.

You will receive an identification code and, every time your code is inserted to purchase an item from our store, Greenpink will donate 5% of total amount spent (excluding VAT) to your association or project.

This way each partner can actively contribute financing its own association or project by simply grocery shopping without spending more than usual.

This is how we take a step further towards that concept of “buy the world we believe in” which remains at the basis of our project, concretely helping the many associations daily engaged in making everyone’s life better, creating a new, sustainable and real economic model.

Info and contacts

For details on the project “Buy the world you believe in” write to info [@] or call this number +

Contact us and find out how to access your Association or project.

Our values

We believe in the values of environmental sustainability and of gender equality so much that we included it in our business purpose: “...all of the activities above are linked to the issue and the philosophy of ecologic and economic sustainability as well as those of gender equality culture of Universal Brotherhood, equality between men and women, abolition of any kind of discrimination, abuse and violence”.

That is why in our store you will find products of companies who decided to share this world view. We want to be able to decide to give our money and support to all of those companies who share our values, we want to be able to “buy the world we believe in” because it is right to ensure ideas are economically sustainable.

We are confident that each one of you share this idea, that you, as much as us, not only want to purchase products reflecting your sensibility and world view but also believe it is right to fund the businesses who took green decisions.

We want a responsible world. Our desire is to keep focused on the balance and beauty of life. We take care for the safety of products and suppliers and any initiative in terms of quality, type and ethics. Greenpink’s services and initiatives will always be conceived, instilled and defined by our ethical code and the values we hold dear.

This is why the products present in Greenpink’s project range from organic food to products suitable to a vegetarian or vegan diet; others are designed for those affected by food intolerances, or for those who favor local products.

We believe in transparent relationships, clear communication of price and offer. Transparency is our absolute priority throughout every activity.

Our mission

We are convinced it is important to create an economy firmly anchored in ideas, a social economy made of economic situations who share ideas and passions.

Our mission is to begin a virtuous economy that exceeds old and obsolete concepts such as “exploitation” and “speculation”, a social economy in which people and environment are always first place.

We believe in individual intrinsic value, in respect of life within and outside the world of work, in respect of humanity, in the environment in which one lives, works and evolves.

We live in respect for the single abilities and characteristics to enhance and encourage, in a system of rewards merit and in the idea of offering support to vulnerability and difficulties during the journey of every day’s life.

We respect the world we live in because green economy in the narrowest sense of the term must always be present during our daily choices: starting from the small things to the great decisions of mindset and morals.

We can and we must do a lot for our planet, aware of the fact that our health is strictly linked to the environment’s.

We believe there is an urgent and imperative need of finding a new harmony with the planet in respect of each culture, choice and opinion, as long as it is void of any discriminatory aspect.

Every day we look for balance, with ourselves and with nature. We believe that the right direction mankind must take in everyday life and in history is that of continuous self-improvement and of deepening ones knowledge.