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About Us

Greenpink is a web platform consisting of three basic elements:

1. Community and blog;

2. Online shop for all kind of customers (B2B and B2C);

3. Cultural Association.

Greenpink is created by a group of professionals operative in the "green economy" who wants to be at the forefront in the concept of respect and differences. The basic idea is to create more inclusive work environment for all employees, regardless their gender, not only in an ethical point of view but also the right way to get better goals from an organizational and bussiness point of view.

The synthesis of ethical and cultural values can be expressed taking economically and ecologically sustainable choices.


Greenpink is a project that pays particular attention to the environment, in all its aspects:

1. Greenpink is a promoter of the green and pink world through its cultural association, It is a promoter of the importance of everyday life choices and ethical, eco-sustainable and universal consumption.

2. Greenpink is a work space designed by women; It is open to people who care about the future of our planet, about the society we live in, and to those who believe that thanks to everyday commitment every single person can improve his own life as well as the life of others.

3. Greenpink is a communication platform that compares entirely (360°) in the net through its blog, community and events.

4. Greenpink is an online shop where you can buy products for your family with convenient discounts and at the same time contribute to a charity activity.

Greenpink is addressed to people and companies who believe in a fundamental aspect of sustainability, beyond the ideological aspect: live, work, buy sustainable is definitively correct, and doing it everyday is even more convenient. Yes it is!

Always at your disposal,