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Stock Status



The product could have one of the following stock status:


status: available

The product is in stock and right after the order confirmation it will be shipped. 


status: shipping in 3/4 days

The product will be shipped within 3/4 days.


status: reordering

The product is being ordered. You can  purchase the product without any problem and  receive the order conformation, but shipping could take approximately 7-10 working days.


status: on request only

The product is at Greenpink catalgoue, but can be ordered according to a clinet's request. The delivery period can be no longer than 15 days. You can place the product into your order and wait for conformation, or if you prefer you can diractely contact Greenpink and manage your order with our customer service department.


status: customer service management

The product or the service you are interested in requires direct contact to our customer service management, who will do their best to proceed and fulfil your order till the end. 


status: sold out

The product is sold out. It is possible the product to be re-odered or not to be re-ordered anymore.  In case you are interested in any particular product, please contact us via e-mail for the further information about the product availability. 


status: subject to availability

The product is available  until the stock runs out of it.  Products with this status could be: sesonal products, products in promotion, or non re-ordering products.




After the purchase, your order may have different statuses:


status: Pending

your order has been received but not confirmed (yet).


status: In attesa di pagamento

your order has been received but is still on pending payment.  This status usually applies to those who has chose the bank transfer payment system. 


status: In preparation

your order has been received, confirmed and is ready to be shipped.  


status: Customer service management

Your order has been received and confirmed. Our customer service is working for a successful conclusion. If you see this status and have not received a call or e-mail from us, be sure to be contacted witihn 24 hours by Greenpink customer service management representative. 


status: Confirmed

Your order is ready to be shipped.


status: To be sent

Your order is ready to be sent and will be shipped within 24 hours. 


status: Shipped

Your order has been shipped and will be delivered to you within 24 houres or maximum within  48 houres, in case the delivery address is that of islands and/or of the places difficult to reach. 


status: Completed 

We have received the confirmation that your order was delivered. If you see this status and it does not match to reality, please, contact us imediately.


status: Payment failed 

For some reason (not depending on Greenpink but probably  bank network) the payment was not successfully completed thus the order can not be confirmed. 


status: Cancelled

For some reason you cancelled the order or we did it according to your request. If you did not cancel the order, please contact us to find out the reason.


status: Refunded

Your order, for some reason, needed to be refunded (for example, a double payment, change of a product/s) and it was done. Check that you received the repayment according to the agreement, if not, do not hesitate contact us immediately.